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Professional Bio of Cheryl Blenk, MS ATC CSCS EMT

Empire Swim Club, Westchester, NY
Head Drylands Coach, Assistant Senior Coach

Nike Peak Performance Swim Camp
Head dryland strength and conditioning coach and swim coach

Fitness Consulting and Personal Training

Stamford Twin Rinks Figure Skating Team, Stamford, CT
Head Drylands Coach

Greenwich YMCA Marlins Swim Program, Greenwich CT
Head Drylands Coach

Fitness and Tennis Center, Westport, CT
Director of Athletic Training

Equinox Fitness Training Institute, Equinox Fitness Co., NY, NY
National Manager

La Palestra Center for Preventative Medicine, NY, NY
Medical Coordinator / Senior Athletic Trainer

Chelsea Piers Sports Center, NY, NY
Post Rehabilitation Coordinator / Athletic Trainer

G.A.M.E. Foundation, NY, NY
Education Coordinator / Medical Coordinator

HealthSouth, NY, NY
Head Athletic Training Coordinator, PSAL Football League

New York Athletic Club, NY, NY
Head Athletic Trainer NYAC Lacrosse / Sports Medicine Director

Hospital for Special Surgery Sports Medicine & Research Center, NY, NY
Senior Athletic Trainer, Medical Coordinator for PSAL Football League
and Educator/ Instructor

Association of Volleyball Professionals, Culver City, CA
2-Man Pro-beach Volley Ball Tour, Head Athletic Trainer

Iona Preparatory School, New Rochelle, NY
Head Athletic Trainer Varsity Football Team

Bachelor of Science: Physical Education with a concentration in Athletic Training, University of New Hampshire
Masters of Science: Teaching: Secondary Education: Biology, Iona College

Certified Athletic Trainer, National Athletic Training Association, New York State Licensed
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA Triathlon Coach, Level 1
USA Swimming Coach, Level 1
EMT, New York state licensed Emergency Medical Technician
National ski patrol: certified member

Associated Accomplishments:

NYC Marathon 1998, 1999
2012 top 10 age group
2011 top 15 female age group

Swim Across America, Long Island Sound, Westchester, NY

6 mile swim: 2011
6 mile swim: 2010 in 3:10
6 mile swim: 2004
4 mile swim: 1995 – 2003, 2005-2009

Westchester Toughman Half Ironman
2010: finished 7th in age group, top 20 overall female
2011: completed in 5:45: top 20 females

Islandman Sprint Triathlon, Avalon, NJ 2010:1st place age group

Jarden Westchester Triathlon, Rye, NY 2000, 2002, 2012 finished 8th place

Harriman Olympic Triathlon 2011: finished 4th in age group, 2004, 2013, 2014

Half Ironman, Mightman, Montauk, NY 2004

Nautica New York City Triathlon
2009: finished 11th in age group, top 100 overall out of 1,100 women
2011: finished top 10 in age group
2012: finished top 10 in age group
2013: finished top 10 in age group

SOBE Mossman Triathlon
2007, finished 4th place age group division
2008, finished 3rd place age group division
2009, finished 3rd in age group division

Darien Sports Shop ITPman Triathlon
2007, finished 3rd place age group division
2008, finished 1st place age group division

Annual Long Island Gold Coast Triathlon
2008, finished 3rd place age group division
2009, finished 3rd place age group division (duathlon)
2010, finished 1st place age group
2011, finished 2nd place age group
Tuckahoe, NJ ,Sprint Triathlon 2008, finished 1st place age group division

Westport Triathlon
2012, 1st place age division

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Cheryl Blenks Tips

Train your body as a whole, not in body parts. Do exercises that include everything: legs, torso and upper body. This economizes your workout without sacrificing results.

Cheryl Blenk's Certifications

Cheryl is certified by the NATA, USAT and NSCA

Cheryl with client at the finish of the Sobe Triathlon

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