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Client Testimonials

With more than 20 years experience in the fitness industry as a licensed athletic trainer and a certified strength and conditioning specialist, Cheryl Blenk has helped hundreds of clients attain their goals. Whether you are getting back into shape, losing weight, recovering from an injury, or training for an event, let Cheryl help you reach YOUR goal! Read what Cheryl's clients have to say about her training:

"My daughter Claudia has been swimming since she was 8 years old. At the age of 14, we were on vacation during the summer, when she had an accident while intertubing behind our boat. She was thrown out of the tube and hurt her shoulder…actually tore her labrum and thought she would be out of swimming for the entire year. We were very concerned for her wellbeing and her swimming career. We were introduced to Cheryl Blenk by a swim coach we know and trust for many years. We set up an appointment to meet with Cheryl after seeing our orthopedic specialist. He believed, as did Cheryl, with the proper exercises…Claudia did not need surgery. Her head coach, on the other hand pretty much wrote her off for the year. We decided to work with Cheryl and try to repair the damage to Claudia’s shoulder. Cheryl created a program specifically for Claudia to regain the strength in her shoulder and avoid surgery. Claudia went back to swimming 4 months later with best times in all of her events! Cheryl worked magic with her expertise, training regiment and the belief that surgery was not the answer for Claudia. We thank god we found her everyday!

Claudia went on the make two sectionals cuts that spring and continues to swim regular practice as if she had never had an injury. Shoulder exercises and icing her shoulder after practice and meets have become part of her daily routine, like brushing her teeth…but she has no pain what so ever. Thanks to Cheryl…Claudia’s shoulder is stronger than ever and her swimming career has not skipped a beat!" Cathy, NY

"Cheryl is the most educated, understanding and inspiring fitness professional I have ever known. For over 15 years she has kept me healthy, helped me recover from surgery, guided me through injuries and helped me re-find my body after the birth of 4 children. And now she is helping my children be strong balanced kids as they navigate their chosen sports and growth issues. I feel incredibly lucky to have her in my life keeping me and my family fit, strong and capable of enjoying life to the fullest." Kristin, CT

"Cheryl has gotten me back to my best shape ever. I wouldn’t trust anyone else." Liz, Scarsdale, NY

"She is simply a cut above the rest.." Howard, Harrison, NY

"Cheryl helped our son achieve his highest level of fitness enabling him to go the distance in his tennis competitions." Annemarie, Darien, CT

"Cheryl's programs kept me injury free. With Cheryl, I have had no pain in years and I am playing the best tennis I have ever played!" Tammy, Weston, CT

"Cheryl combination of knowledge and experience are unmatched... she has exceeded all my expectations and helped me reach goals I never thought possible." Rob, Westport, CT

"I am a multi-sport athlete, who has had 7 knee surgeries, shoulder surgery, and a hip replacement....but I am not interested in curtailing my sports activities, if I can avoid it. I had never worked with a trainer, due largely to my belief that since I was self-motivated, and believed that I knew more than most trainers, why bother. And now I have learned just how wrong I was...and I have learned that with the right person, I could dramatically improve my athletic performance (across multiple sports), avoid injuries, and enable me to continue doing the things I love.

I started working with Cheryl 18 months ago, at which time I was dealing with a left knee that had no cartilage (after 4 operations), and almost no quad or hamstring strength. I also had a right hip that was in constant pain, and ... replaced...last June. Not only was Cheryl able to strengthen parts of my body that had been weak for many years, she was also able to work around my multiple injuries, and got me so well rehabbed after my hip replacement that I was playing tennis in 3 months, and skiing in 5 months. Her knowledge of body mechanics is truly unparalleled, her ability to continue to build my strength in spite of injuries enables me to keep moving forward, and ultimately her work has helped dramatically reduce both the number of injuries I incur as well as how fast I am able to come back after an injury.

Her training at Hospital for Special Surgery gave me the confidence to try her as a trainer...and the clear and tangible results she has produced for me is what keeps me coming back to her for more. In a word, she is a superb practitioner. (And a delightful person as well.)"

Andy Greenfield, Westport, CT

"For a client to work with Cheryl they are going to have to experience a whole paradigm shift in their thinking towards their training. Not only would they have access to a certified professional that has trained and worked with athletes of all levels, but they have access to someone who's experience and knowledge base transcends just the athletic population. A person that encourages individuals who are looking for someone to not just simply help them reach their goals, but to surpass those goals taking them closer to their untapped potential. From the novice tri-athlete to the swimmer rehabilitating a shoulder issue to the clinically obese trying to reverse their course, Cheryl has a systematic plan for each individual that will leave them thankful for having been trained, coached and mentored by someone with her talents. When the best need someone to call they call Cheryl Blenk."

Dan Furlong MA, C.S.C.S.
Assistant Strength Coach NY Knicks
Owner, Trinity Biomechanics


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Cheryl Blenks Tips

Train your body as a whole, not in body parts. Do exercises that include everything: legs, torso and upper body. This economizes your workout without sacrificing results.

Cheryl Blenk's Certifications

Cheryl is certified by the NATA, USAT and NSCA

Ann Cambell

Cheryl's client, Ann Campbell, finishing her bike ride across the country.

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