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Whether you are getting back into shape, recovering from an injury, or training for an event, let me help you reach your goals and keep you motivated to stick to your program!

You need to stay in shape to play sports. You can not play sports to stay in shape. Strength and conditioning programs designed to meet the needs of your sport will help you enjoy playing while avoiding injury.

Balancing life and fitness is a challenging and daunting task for anyone. However, fitness is an essential element to an active and health life. Having a fitness program that both fits your needs as well as your life-style is a program that you will follow and adhere to throughout your life.

When starting a program, do not try to make up for lost time. Ramp up your workout slowly to avoid overdoing it and injuring yourself.

Change up your program. Avoid doing the same routine every time you go into the gym. Variety is the best way to get results fast and avoid creating imbalances in strength.

Train your body as a whole, not in body parts. Do exercises that include everything: legs, torso and upper body. This economizes your workout without sacrificing results.

Do exercises that challenge your balance and coordination instead of just increasing the weight when challenging yourself. This makes muscles work harder and gives you a better workout.

Flexibility in key to getting the most out of your muscles. Muscles that are short can not generate much strength. Try to stretch after warming up and again after your workout is over to maintain good flexibility. Try holding a stretch for 3 seconds and repeating 10 times instead of the old method of holding for 20 seconds or more.

Your workout time should be scheduled in your daily planner just like any other appointment. Try to plan your week ahead so you are ensured of getting in your workout time. If you wait for free time to appear in your day, most likely the week will go by and your workout will never have happened. Life is busy, so make an appointment with yourself!

Exercises should reflect what you need to do in both sports and activities of daily living. Squats, lunges, and step ups are good lower body exercises that help us to stand from a chair, get out of a car, climb stairs and play with our kids as well as play tennis, golf and run. Make them part of your routine throughout the week.

Gimics are everywhere in the fitness industry but you should ask yourself if these gimics are right for you, and if the risks outweigh the benefit. Before you embark on a routine that includes things like a bosu, theraballs, kettlebells, therabands or rebounders, make sure that they are appropriate for you by asking a certified personal trainer, athletic trainer or physical therapist what the equipment is for and how to use it safely and effectively before jumping right in.

If you are trying to lose weight, remember that a hard day of exercise does not give you permission to overindulge at the table. Many times, we sabotage ourselves by thinking that all the calories we burned in our workout allows us to "cheat" a little and eat foods that are not the best choices. Stick to healthy eating while working hard in the gym and pounds will come of easier and a lot faster.

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Cheryl Blenks Tips

Train your body as a whole, not in body parts. Do exercises that include everything: legs, torso and upper body. This economizes your workout without sacrificing results.

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Cheryl is certified by the NATA, USAT and NSCA

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