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Gallery of Services

Cheryl has provided expert care in the areas of post rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning over the years for numerous clientele. She has trained national and collegiate athletes of various sports including tennis, swimming, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, ice skating, wrestling, and triathletes. Her private clientele range from the ultra competitive, to the weekend warrior, and whose age span decades from 14 -85 years old! She has unique experience having been grounded in sports medicine and applied this knowledge to coach both nationally and internationally. Her broad knowledge and expertise puts a cut above the rest.

Program design

Cheryl designs all her programs with an individualized approach, putting the goals and needs of the individual athlete first and addressing the sports specific needs of each athlete. Her broad experience with an array of sports as well as her knowledge of sports medicine and pathology is what gives her a unique ability to best design programs that truly hit their mark when training her clientele. 
The training programs she designs for the teams she works with are designed with the proper periodization that compliments the competitive seasons of her athletes. She works collaboratively with the coaches of various teams to help create a well synced program that allows her athletes to reach their peak performance at the most critical point in their competitive season. 

Group Strength and conditoning

Cheryl has had years of experience designing program geared for children to be involved in safe and effective group training programs that are age appropriate. Cheryl has consulted on a wide array of teams in helping them to incorporate a fitness program to compliment many sports specific teams as well as design injury prevention programs to prevent overuse injuries from occurring. Cheryl has consulted with Tennis Academies, Health Clubs, Healthcare facilities as well as Swim Clubs throughout the nation and internationally. 

Swim Coaching

Cheryl's long life experience with the water as a competitive swimmer since the age of 7 has served her well. Her deep understanding of the rigors of training in this unique sport, along with her lifetime career as a competitive swimmers allows her to be an extremely effective coach and mentor to the swimmers she works with. Cheryl has also been able to use this knowledge to develop effective strength training for swimmers, and she is published  in the book,  The Swimming Triangle, in which she wrote the chapters on Drylands Training.

Private Training 

Cheryl works with a wide array of clientele ranging from  adolescents to adults, competitive athletes to weekend warriors, and people who are just looking to take care of their health and quality of life. She  has had the privilege to work with many allied health professionals and has collaborated on the care of clientele to provide comprehensive care.
Cheryl has also been training young athletes to prepare for collegiate sport for over 20 years. The vast number of athletes she has trained have gone on to compete at some of the most prestigious college programs including University of Pennsylvania, William and Mary, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, NYU, Harvard, University of Miami, MIT, Manhattan college, Ithaca college, SUNY Cortland, SUNY Binghamton, University of New Hamshire,  North Carolina State University and Springfield College.

Lecturing and Presenting 

  As Athleta's 2013 Sponsored Athlete, Cheryl presented many community based lectures geared  to helping people to learn how to implement a healthy exercise program into their daily life, along with giving nutritional advice and training guidelines. Cheryl has lectured on a broad array of topics that cover Exercise, Injury prevention, and nutrition as it pertains to training. She has lectured for the Hospital for Special Surgery, International Swim Coaches Association, Nike, Equinox, and many other venues. She has also designed educational lecture series for places such as Chelsea Piers and Equinox that were designed to educate and enhance their knowledge of their training staff. Her courses were accredited by NSCA, ISSA, and other fitness organizations.

Nutrition Consulting

Cheryl not only provides the most cutting edge strength and conditioning training to her clientele, she also  integrates her knowledge and expertise of nutrition to create a comprehensive approach to meet her clients needs. Cheryl is in the process of finishing her Masters in Clinical Nutrition at the University of Bridgeport and continues to strive to bring her clientele the most cutting edge care that healthcare can provide. She continues to stay on top of the most current trends and innovations made in the healthcare industry and implements these in her programs for her clientele.