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Show what your customers write about you.

To provide the safest and most effective programs, that meet the needs and goals of her clientele

Cheryl is a unique combination of professionalism, caring, and toughness. She pushes for results, yet is always encouraging, keeping it fun. She explains how your body performs and tailors workouts to the individual. She “walks the walk” too as a seasoned triathlete and former collegiate swimmer, she continues to push herself physically and mentally.” 


We can't thank you enough for all you've done to make _____ stronger and because of that, she was able to achieve faster swim times. The work-outs and meetings you had helped her both physically and mentally become a stronger and smarter athlete. The program you developed was perfect for her and the way you built on her work-outs helped her achieve small successes, then finally reach the goals she set.”  


“Cheryl is passionate about swimming and fitness, and she brings extensive knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to every training session. Cheryl was referred several years ago by a sports medicine doctor to work with my daughter (a competitive swimmer) as she rehabbed through a shoulder injury. Cheryl designed a dry-land program which strengthened, gave a competitive edge, and that prevented additional injuries. But most importantly, she truly believed in my daughter and was always in her corner to help achieve her goals.” 


“Today we did a 3 rep pull ups adding on weights until we maxed out. I was the only freshman to get to 70 lbs. This is one of many thanks to you!”

One year later…… “Everything is going well, thanks to you of course. Always so grateful and appreciate having you as my coach. I am killing it in the pool and beating everyone. I feel great and the [Injury] is healed. Thanks so much, Cheryl, for all you have done to help me.” 


Can’t thank Cheryl enough for all that she has done for me and all my family that she has worked with. Cheryl was able to put me back together again and I am not feeling any pain in my knees anymore. I am back to biking and playing tennis pain free. Cheryl has worked with my children as well, helping develop strength training routines that have helped to prevent injuries as well as help improve their strength and endurance on the field. Cheryl is simply the best.